Monday, August 23, 2004

Fall Classes Resume

Today fall classes resumed at Idaho State University. For me this means fifteen credits, not too many, but just right for me! It probably means for my handful of faithful readers you'll have a few wound up arguments from me after my political science and history classes. Fair warning.

The college experience is much less crazy this year, as opposed to last, my freshman year at ISU. This morning it was me lying in bed laughing at the frantic freshman running through the house trying to figure out what to do this first day of school as I relaxed and didn't have a single fear!

My English teacher is quite interesting--- no that doesn't do her justice! She grew up in Texas, moved to Arkansas, got her doctorate, and here she is at ISU teaching me! She has a fine southern accent and is very excited when it comes to literature. I think we will get along just fine. If we were only reading Faulkner... (I actually came out of that class for the first time thinking I could be an English professor and be happy about it. I have this problem everytime I encounter great instructors who present great content! Happened with philosophy, but it just hasn't quite struck me in the math department!)

Seems to have been a productive first day and I'm anxious for tomorrow and the days that will follow. I'm a geek like that! Hopefully with all that is happening I will find the time to write interesting and informative posts. Please hang with me, eventually I'll post something!

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