Friday, August 6, 2004

The Firestorm: My Post

As I stated in the previous post, I've begun a firestorm with Mr. Nick Speth of Nick's Daily News. Just to save you all time, here is my post. Yes, it is opinionated, biased, and somewhat liberal----but then again if it wasn't, it wouldn't be like me! Enjoy:

It's amazing to me that anyone who publicly ridicules President Bush is considered to be a "hatriot," not in the sense Moore spoke of, but in the sense the Republicans have slated for anyone who disagrees with them. To me it seems the ridicule isn't just about Iraq, but any ridicule of "W" in general, is immediatley shot down by the Republicans. Gee, sounds incredibly unlike the ridicule the Republicans boasted while Clinton was in office. I think Bush and Moore have more in common than you are aware of Mr. Speth. They both hold their beliefs to a greater value than the rest of us. Maybe we should all go watch "Bowling for Columbine" and see exactly how much Moore cares for America and wishes for American safety and security. I watch occasionally just to arouse a sense of patriotism in myself. Good for Michael Moore, we thought with that Oscar speech two years ago that he was done for, guess more people agree with him than you would think. But then again it must not be about conviction and determination, but like everything else in the GOP, it just must be a matter of which side of the isle you pitch your tent.

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