Friday, August 6, 2004

Nick's Daily News

For those of you who haven't checked out the website of Mr. Nick Speth, I would recommend you do so. His website link is located on my sidebar, under my favorite blogs.

I have recently began a firestorm with Mr. Speth, as an anonymous poster, regarding a post he created against Michael Moore and his speech at the Democratic National Convention. I am currently in the process of writing a fine post in support of Moore, but would rather I have a complete post before I lead readers into thinking I too may be a "hatriot."

For the record: My opinion is, as it has been since September 11th, that George W. Bush is very strong in his beliefs and dedicated to the goals he sets. From the day of attack, he has been convinced that going to war with Iraq is the greatest move in the interest of national security. I respect him for his strong beliefs, as not all of us are confident and dedicated enough to hold strong to what we believe, but I do not agree with this war in Iraq. It could have been the right idea at one point, but that was before we went against the wishes of the U.N., lost repectable allies, and found no weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the enemy.

Check out Nick's Daily News if you get a second, I promise it is worth a second of your time. Keep on the look out for my own post on Michael Moore and the 9/11 Commission Report (I have to finish reading it, it is 500 pages you know!).

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