Friday, August 27, 2004

No Nader in November

The Idaho State Journal reported today that Ralph Nader will not appear on Idaho ballots this November. Evidently, 4,388 valid voter signatures were turned in by the independent candidate qualifying date, but 5,106 were needed to actually qualify and to be added to the ballot.

Of course in Idaho this isn't a major deal, given that there are few independents (actually there are very few of us not registered as members of the GOP!) but I imagine it could be a larger dilemma in states with nearly equal numbers of democrats and republicans.

We should be presented all of the options (this coming from Miss Indecisive)-- as we don't know what may happen between now, the day of qualifying, and November. We may not intend to vote for Ralph Nader, but out of respect for those who support Nader, we should at least allow for his appearance on the ballot. (I realize this is all in effort to prevent the Rev. Al Sharpton from appearing every year!)

Nader was not on the 2000 general election ballot, but as a write in candidate in the state of Idaho, he did receive approximatley 12,000 votes. Just a reminder that you can write-in Nader (or someone else of your choice).

This isn't too relevant to the political ongoings in Idaho, much less Bannock County, but I felt an obligation to my good ole art teachers at MVHS who first introduced me to the green party to at least mention it. Though of course it goes without saying that I will be casting my vote on the Kerry/Edwards ticket!

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Nick Speth said...

I'm glad you said this, because if I said this, people might say that I'm only supporting Nader out of desire to hurt Kerry. That's not the case. I'd like to see as many candidates as possible on the ballot, simply because democracy demands a government that is of the people, and representative of their wants. Nader and... mmmmgh.... Buchanan (in the case of 1996, 2000, etc), and all of the other third-party candidates have an important role to play, the referendum vote. They're a way of sending a message to the major parties, and I support their right to run and be heard.