Wednesday, August 4, 2004

The Political Game

I cannot solve history's mysteries, I cannot tell you where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, and the attempt to cure insomnia is obviously not going so well, but fear not I am making incredible progress! Or at least I've found new projects to occupy my time. Hence the blog. The Political Game, though only my title and online creation, the game itself is as old as this nation, has been brought to you in part to instill free thought and open debate, but also in an effort to give my over-analytical mind something else to do at four in the morning. (Yes, I will admit I do get tired of conspiracy theories, James Patterson novels, and.....sigh.......Kennedy.) Expect a sneering liberal view, often toppled by dominant right wing fanatics... a.k.a. my closest friends. I hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to leave comments. Happy Reading!

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