Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Red or Blue: Which Are You?

From questions regarding the Big 12 to the author of the book of Revelation, the Slate quiz is similar, yet vastly different from the poltical quiz I have on my links... but much less political. We find ourselves less concerned with AIDS research and more concerned with "Annie Hall."

Check it out:

Knowing that red and blue states are states of mind, not actual U.S. states, determined by the way in which they vote (democrat or republican). Amazingly, I'm not either, red or blue. I am right in the middle. With most political quizzes I would be rather insulted and concerned with my reputation...I'd never want to be considered a "fence-sitter" or anything near conservative, but with this I'd assume I'm a well rounded individual. The site says:

"If you're a blue-stater, you might happen to have learned how often Rush Limbaugh is on the air, but if you're a red-stater, chances are you know it off the top of your head. That instinctual knowledge is what this quiz intends to judge, not how smart you are about the other side. And there are many people who are purple—neither red nor blue, or both red and blue." it is just something to waste time and it won't tell you which way you should vote or if you should go out and purchase a membership to the NRA, but it is kind of interesting. If anyone takes the test I'd be curious to know your results. Red or blue!


Cory said...

Slightly red.

Interesting, though they needed more questions with "don't know" as a possible answer - random guesses of course skew the results in a random direction.

Jessica said...

Slightly red. Kill me now.