Sunday, August 8, 2004

Up In Smoke! Update

Not surprisingly, the Idaho State Journal is a few steps behind. In today's newspaper is a fine article on the Idaho Clean Indoor Air Act. But...the ISJ supports the legal loophole area businesses, including the restaurant that started this headache, Kim's Poppa Pauls, have taken advantage of.

"Resaurant owner Kim Taylor defied the Idaho Clean Indoor Air Act passed by legislature this year, which bans smoking in public places except for bowling alleys and bars and other businesses restricting clientele to age 21 and over. Also exempt are social, fraternal, and religious organizations. It is that last clause which Taylor believes is a loophole." (ISJ/8.8.04)

Why didn't anyone call me two weeks ago? What the ISJ failed to mention is the tax payers money that went into this bill and that after passing on the senate floor it failed on the restaurant floor. All that the ISJ presented in the article was the loss of business for Ms. Taylor, the known harmful effects of smoking, and their belief that "eateries can use legal loophole to allow smoking, but customers decide if it's acceptable."

No Kidding! But, for those of us truly stirred up by this "loophole," Senator Brent Hill who originally sponsored the bill, will be holding public hearings on this new smoking rule in Pocatello. (One is scheduled for the 17th at the Ameritel Inn.)

I'll look into it and get back with you all.


Nick Speth said...

Let me lend a conservative voice supporting this bill. Utah's Clean Air Act has been a real blessing, making our public areas a lot more pleasant, and cleanly, you're not stepping on butts all the time. A lot of conservatives are in bed with big tobacco, and take ill to any limiting of smoker's smoking. I'm not one of them. Smoke in your own house. In fact, do whatever you want to in your own house: smoke marijuana or whatever. Just keep it off the streets, and don't force me to smell it or to smoke it.

Until the legal wranglings (it that a word) are worked out, it seems the only thing you can do is make Capitalism work for you. Vote with your wallet, don't go to...

Okay what kind of a name is Kim's Poppa Paul's for a restaurant?

Anyway, don't go there.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Despite the fact that Kim's Poppa Pauls is the only restaurant on my end of town, I will not be visiting there again. Come to think of it...why did I go in the first place? The food isn't all that great! And I must agree the stinks!

I've been attempting to reach Senator Brent Hill to learn about these so-called hearings he will be holding, but so far he is unavailable to comment and his very dim-witted secretary claims to know nothing about the issue!

What a fine institution our state government is!

luke711 said...

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