Thursday, September 2, 2004


Last night as I was reading up on Zell Miller and his Dixiecrat zeal (okay I was really angery with the man), I found this little blog, by a stranger and found it rather refreshing. It isn't your typical political news blog and it may offend some of you more conservative readers, but for those of us still entertaining the ideal of liberalism, it is worth a moment.

And if it can make me even more infuriated with the man who deserves to be booted out of the Democratic Party--so be it!


Anonymous said...

Too late Tara, he's retiring this year. Anyway if disloyalty could get a person kicked out of a party, the GOP would have traded you Arlen Spectre for Miller long ago. But Miller has declared that he will meet his maker a democrat, and R.I.N.O. (Republican in Name Only) Spectre doesn't look to be pulling a Jim Jeffords anytime soon either.

Of course I loved the Miller speech. What did you find frustrating? Just the disloyalty? Or were you like me when Clinton spoke that the DNC? I said "I really hate to say this, but... nggh... I really wish he was on our side." Of course you'd add "still" to the statement. You might also have been upset about the U.N. statement.

Here's my comment on it... "Outsourcing our national security." That's hilarious.


Nick Speth said...

It seems we had a legitimate Kennedy/Nixon Debate Moment. Having read a bit more in the last few hours, I've discovered that most agitating about Sen. Miller's speech was his tone and demeanor.

I commented on my site that I only read the speech, having been at work until 10:00pm last night. Thus I can't comment on his delivery, only the style of his language and content of his message.

One question: Dixiecrat? C'mon. Miller wasn't of a voting age when the Dixiecrats existed as a party. Plus the Dixiecrats biggest... only platform was the support of segregation. Sen. Miller never mentioned race once in his speech. His speech was simply about national defense. Let's not slander a well-meaning American by associating him with racial bigotry.