Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Policies of War

What do we do when it is an election year and there is a war being waged on foreign soil? I'm a firm believer that it is a bad deal to have a change of power (in the U.S.) while our soldiers are on the ground in Iraq. I'd almost vote for Bush just because of this theory...almost.

If we look back at Vietnam, I'm doing this just for an example, I too am tired of the constant comparison of Iraq and Vietnam, two completely different wars. It all began with Kennedy who sent the first advisors to Vietnam, he's just as much to blame as the next guy, but when he was shot, the change of power wasn't nearly as drastic. Johnson couldn't think for himself let alone change an entire foreign policy. The trouble came in the change of power between Nixon and Johnson. (Neither were entirely right in their foreign policy.)

Two presidents, two completely different perspectives, one foreign policy that has the power to change the world. Never is it a good idea to swap leaders in a time of war. When Johnson handed off the responsibilities to his successor, his policy died and was rarely evident in that of the Nixon administration. Will this happen if Kerry were to take power in January?

My theory itself is based on the welfare and safety of our troops abroad, not just in Iraq. They have been training since 9/11 for this moment, how will a change in the executive branch directly hit them? No matter who is running against an incumbent president, this theory stands...1968 or 2004. Think about it before you cast your vote.

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