Monday, September 27, 2004

The Political Game Update

As my good friend Nick Speth struggles to leave the topic of CBS and the so called "Rathergate" ordeal, I'm here struggling yet again to avoid the topic of education. There is something about English that does this to me, I come out of that classroom everyday feeling as if through education my potential could be endless. It is a combination of the instructor and my realization that I don't have to meet everyone's expectations. Last week was a humdinger, but this week is different. I woke up this morning with a new outlook, as weird as that sounds, and I'm dealing pretty well with the fact that I'm not going to be what I always thought I would be. Yesterday I was reading through my high school English portfolio and I read my application essay to Kent State...I couldn't believe how determined I was to not only be there, but be in the special education program. People change and I've changed. Change is good.

So as far as this blog goes...You knew I'd get around to my point eventually, I have a few ideas for upcoming posts and will hopefully someday get around to the Kennedy assassination. Of course from now until November 2nd I'll be forced to play party lines and tell you my liberal view point on the election, but I promise to write other worthwhile posts. Occasionally there have to be a few of those charged Cat Stevans-type posts!

When I get out of my system this English bug that has me captivated, it will all come back to politics... eventually!

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