Thursday, September 2, 2004

What The Zell?

Physically and intellectually exhausted, I sit here wondering if I should let this one slide by, but the effort is worth it to me. I am infuraited with Mr. Zell Miller. Last night I had a phone conversation with a good friend of mine, the wife of a government teacher, who typically is not politically wound up, but she was frustrated, understandably, with Miller's speech to the RNC. I was unable to devote the time to his speech, but read the transcript twice today. Now I'm fired up! (More so than ever this week!)

In his speech he stated:

"Senator Kerry has made it clear that he would use military force only if approved by the United Nations. Kerry would let Paris decide when America needs defending. I want Bush to decide."

My underlining reason for not casting my vote for Bush (besides his arrogant and disenchanting vp) is that he has no plan for how we will re-enter the United Nations. We left (some say we haven't left, but I assure you they have lost respect for us) on pretty nasty terms. We won't return on those same terms. If we ever return...

We need the United Nations. Sure we have all those places on our side that President Bush spouted off in his speech tonight (Holland, Denmark, Great Britian...etc), but what fate does a super power hold when the other large countries could easily conspire against us, namely Russia, France, Germany, etc. I love Tony Blair and am thankful for the British support we are receiving, but they can't save us. If WWIII were to begin tomorrow we would be in the position France was during the first world war. Devasted.

Zell Miller claims loyalty to the Democratic Party, but a man who says that he "can remember when Democrats believed that it was the duty of America to fight for freedom over tyranny," is about as loyal to his party as I am to the NRA! If he were a true Democrat he would not only reaffirm that the Democratic party still believes this, but would himself say that he for one believes it.

I had previously stated somewhere that Zell was a zealous Dixiecrat...I didn't mean literally. I realize he is much to young to have been prominent in the Dixiecrat party, but I truly believe his antics are similiar to those of another famous Dixiecrat...Strom Thurmond. If you look deep enough into it, Zell has a little bigotry in his background-- the great state of Georgia is lucky he will not be running for reelection in 2005.

Zell Miller is about as useful to the Democratic party as Michael Moore is to the Republican party. I won't begin to entertain the idea of defending Zell's statement about Kennedy and Kerry. Ted Kennedy is one of the greatest Democratic senators, a waste of a person, but a fine politician. I'm a firm believer in the Boston boys! You know when it comes down to it, it won't matter in November what Zell said or what Ted Kennedy is up to, it will only matter where Bush and Kerry stand on the issues...Of course I realize it is the nature of politics to debate and argue endlessly.

When you all get on your soapboxes and tell me what a fine man Zell Miller is, I won't listen, but when you feel inclined to support George W. Bush and think I'm being too liberal-minded, just remember I'd vote for Bush if I had a promise regarding the United Nations and Cheney miraculously disappeared off the ticket. I don't particularly want to vote for Kerry--but if he is the other option (Nader won't help this decision any) then so be it. I don't question Bush in his beliefs or determination, I just question where we are going with all of this. And who will support us along the way?

At this point we'd all be better off to join Jim Jeffords!

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