Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Devil We Know

I've somewhat lost sight of the presidential race--it still lingers on my mind, but with my new best friend David Ortiz and the Red Sox, what can you do?

This morning as I was watching the news I couldn't help but think of the election that is now two weeks away. I got a letter yesterday from my good friend Jared who is serving an LDS mission in Spain and he said that we was much more positive about the election when he was in the states, when he could hear the everyday mudslinging between the candidates. Everyday I'm less positive about the election because of that mudslinging.

After hearing some of the comments Bush and Kerry made about each other yesterday at their various campaign stops, I was frustrated, disgusted, and again, for the second time in so many weeks, I was ready to vote for Nader. (But, then of course the vote would most likely benefit Bush and why wouldn't I just cast my vote for him to begin with?)

I've come to only one conclusion...the devil we know. And I'm not intending to refer to President Bush as Satan himself, so don't anyone get all flustered over this one, I just mean with Bush we know what the next four years will be, more of the same. Good or bad. But, with Kerry we don't really have an idea what the next four years will be. Not that change isn't good--change is just unpredictable. I had a teacher once who always told us that "without change there would be no butterflies." Okay, that's an optimistic way of looking at it, but for some reason I don't see John Kerry every resembling the grace and beauty of a butterfly.

Get out and vote. I can't stress this enough. It's not only a big deal nationally, but I'm certain all of you have county and state races that are very important. Take it seriously.


Nick Speth said...

Amen. You want some more mudslinging, here's Al Gore, who came within a hair of becoming our President.


This is from Reuters the "news" agency that refuses to write "terrorists" without putting the word in quotation marks (they argue that one man's terrorist is another mans freedom fighter).

Tara A. Rowe said...

Nick, I actually turned on CSPAN as Al Gore was giving that speech at Georgetown. He looked horrible and he didn't have anything useful to say. What a waste of my lunch break!

Tara A. Rowe said...

I thought I wrote this once...I happened to be home having lunch when Al Gore was giving that speech at Georgetown, I watched it on CSPAN. Someone needs to tell him to slow down on the twinkies and to wash his hair! He's sleeze.

Tara A. Rowe said...

sorry about that, it didn't post the first time.