Thursday, October 7, 2004

A Matter of Housekeeping

So I just wanted to inform you all that I've been doing a little clean-up on the blog, just adding and what not some new stuff and getting rid of a few things. As you will see I've swapped for Barnes & Noble, as I like the latter better anyway. I've also added a new section, deciphering the books I'm reading now from those I've recently read. Nothing too important, just a few little changes. Also, since it is play-offs and I am a HUGE baseball fan, I've added my favorite team to the list of my favorite websites.

As far as posts go, I plan on writing a little something about the "Bannock Six" before November 2nd and of course there will be two more presidential debates that I will most likely comment on. English 102 resumes next week, which will give me something to post about I'm sure. And I keep looking at Coryspot to see if my good friend Cory has posted that little tidbit he's been writing about my love Morgan Freeman...

Anyway, happy blogging!

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Nick Speth said...

On the Subject of Baseball:

I never replied to something you said earlier, but it's not unamerican to hate the Yankees. I hate the Yankees. Of course if I could be said to have a favorite team it would be the Red Sox, so that's obvious.

Playoff baseball is the only baseball I can stand to watch on TV, though. Now I can go to a ballpark any time. The only Major League game I ever saw was the second-ever interleague game in Seattle, Mariners vs. Dodgers.

When I was on my last vacation, I caught the Little League World Series, which was some of the coolest baseball I've ever seen, I recommend finding your way to Williamsport PA for that sometime, admission is free. I met Harold Reynolds of Baseball Tonight. He was putting ketchup on his hot dog at the condiment bar.