Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Weekend Update

School has been extra crazy lately. I've had a few too many outside distractions and have fallen behind. Oh, the curse of being behind. I'm now caught up in Math, I'm working on my latest Poly Sci paper, and eventually I might just make some progress on my English research project. That is if it doesn't kill me first! Thankfully I have two no-brainers: Sociology and History. What a life!

So Angela says I can't start a post on "Mosh," the new Eminem video that I quite like. Ray the new movie with Jamie Foxx about Ray Charles didn't make it to the Pocatello theaters, so I can't comment on that quite yet. The World Series is over, so I'm out of baseball analogies and pro-Red Sox information. Congrats to the Curt Schilling and the boys! So what am I going to do?

Well...the election is now three days away. I'm sure I'll have a few last minute comments about that. There is the Bin Laden tape and the failing health of Arafat...I was riding the PRT (public transportation here on campus) the other day and found myself thinking about Rosa Parks. Don't ask me why, but I've sat down the last several nights and have written some random thoughts about it. That will make it to a post eventually. I recently purchased the new James Patterson novel The Big Bad Wolf. Once I start that baby I'll be completely useless to the rest of the world. I'm hooked!

Hopefully I'll have a good post ready by Sunday night or Monday morning. Keep checking back! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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