Sunday, October 24, 2004

Who's the Idiot?

I don't do music reviews-- but I can't pass by Green Day's new single American Idiot. I usually like Green Day, they aren't my absolute favorite, but their music certainly isn't horrible. BUT...this new single could change how I feel about Billy Joe and Green Day. There's a difference between songs of protest and songs that are flat out ignorant. If Green Day was planning to make a statement or express their support for John Kerry through Idiot, they missed the mark.

First of all, if Green Day intended to mean that same sex-marriage was not a part of the Bush administration's agenda, I'm quite certain saying "faggot America" and "redneck agenda" is not the best way to go about it!

And second...the video is disgusting. It's like watching "Slime-Time Live." You can't turn the American flag into green slime, the stripes dripping off, and expect to not encounter some angry Americans.

Green Day not only does a poor job of expressing their point...I obviously missed it, they completely mock the intelligence of Americans. People are smarter (or I will say "most" people) than Green Day is giving them credit. People are smart enough to know a little something about patriotism and what it means to disrespect the American flag. Who really is the American idiot?


Nick Speth said...

Well political crudity has always been a part of punk rock. But usually it's been in the direction of anarchy, think the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K." I'm insulted but not shocked.

Oh, and in case your readers want to see the video themselves, they can check it out over on Launch:


Nick Speth said...

p.s. I swear I'm not stuffing the ballot box over there on the right side.