Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Jennings Loses!

Tom Ridge has resigned as Secretary of Homeland Security, I'm deep in Holocaust research, but KEN JENNINGS HAS LOST! Jennings who has appeared 74 times as the Jeopardy! champion lost today. I just can't believe it!

(CULVER CITY,CA) November 4th, 2004 — JEOPARDY! champion Ken Jennings has officially established himself in the archives of television history as the All-Time Top TV Game Show Winner in the world. Last night, Jennings won an impressive $45,099, bringing his grand total to date to a whopping $2,197,000, and launching him past the previous record of $2,180,000 set by Kevin Olmstead from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2001.

Internet rumors were speculating that Jennings would end his run as champion somewhere near his 70th appearance. Though I've missed only maybe 10 of his appearances, I made sure to watch this week as we all knew it was inevitable. He walked away today with over 2.5 million--- WOW! He certainly took Alex Trebek's new challenge and ran with it. This season the gameshow ended their long standing rule that after 5 straight wins and changed it to "the sky's the limit." Jennings certainly shot for the sky!

Okay, sorry I just couldn't let this one pass. If I get overly ambitious I'll post a little something about Tom Ridge. If I don't get around to it I must say I hope that with his departure will come the departure of that stupid color coded terror alert system!

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