Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Oh What A Night

Wow! What a night. Currently I can't comment on the presidential election as there is talk of Kerry contesting Ohio (which was projected by NBC as a Bush win). Somewhere in the back of my mind I had this utopian ideal that somehow, by some random chance, The Sunshine Boys would pull through this and win. Again, we have to wait, but I'll everntually come to terms with the loss...sort of.

Of course Kerry didn't take Idaho, nor Bannock County, had he, hell would have frozen over...Lin Whitworth didn't take Congressional District #2, what a brave and noble man he is for running a campaign he knew he stood no chance of winning...and the most amazing happening of the night--The "Bannock Six" is no longer. There are now five Democratic legislators from Bannock County. (Rep. Allen Anderson was defeated by Ken Andrus--go figure) For quite some time there was talk of only 4, but Bert Marley by some miracle pulled through. For a moment there, Bert was only ahead by 13 votes. 13 VOTES!! Unbelievable. But, as it stands Sen. Malepeai, Sen. Marley, Rep. Boe (who won by the greatest margin), Rep. Smith, and Rep. Martinez will be returning to the statehouse.

A couple of other interesting national races. Shout outs and congrats to Sen. Barabra Boxer (D-California), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California), Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Barack Obama...the underdog in the Illinois senate race, Sen Evan Bayh, and Sen. Byron Dorgan. But maybe the most interesting is the senate race in South Dakota. As of this moment, with 92% of the precincts reporting, the Minority Leader of the Senate, Tom Daschle is losing his seat by nearly 5,000 votes. There are going to be some very interesting changes coming soon to the Senate. (Overall the power didn't shift, but the leadership certainly will.) I'll keep you posted on that.

This has been one crazy night! It started at 8am when I went to the polls and it is certainly not over yet for any of us. We may not know the outcome of the presidential election for some time as again we find ourselves facing a contested election. We can only cross our fingers at this point...

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