Friday, November 5, 2004

Widening the Horizons

As you may well have noticed, I don't always stick to the topic of politics. I actually spend more time writing about education, history, and Ray Charles...So I've decided to widen the scope of my blog from strictly politics to the more random happenings of life. No, I will not sit down and write my random thoughts for ten minutes a day, I just need a little more flexability. I need that flexability to prevent the guilt that often accompanies my more off-the-wall posts.

Hopefully you all won't mind too much. Maybe it will widen readership and attract more comments. (Not that this back and forth conversation with Mr. Speth isn't great...) I'm not sure I will be writing reviews, look to Coryspot for that, and for the most important political news keep tabs on Nick's Daily News...but if you want to know how I feel about Rosa Parks, the new Senate Minority leader, and of course Ray Charles, keep reading!

I will stick to my guns regarding the topics I swore off. The Kennedy assassination, abortion, etc. Expect more of the same-- a little politics, a lot of history, and a few of my bizarre philosophies!

1 comment :

Cory said...

We'll be watching for the new generation of posts. Keep up the good insights, political or otherwise!