Saturday, December 18, 2004

Defending the Dept. of Defense

After that interesting question and answer seesion last week when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you want," I've been doing a lot of thinking. And tonight's SNL opening was great...When that soldier asked Rumsfeld why they don't have the appropriate armor they need and yes, I understand he may have been put up to it by the press, I honestly thought Rummy's comment was political suicide...evidently I was wrong.

Okay, I'm not a supporter of the Bush administration--with an exception to Condie Rice, that goes without saying, but let me explain a few things. Just as conservatives have had an ongoing love affair with John McCain, I had similar feelings when Bush appointed Rumsfeld. Just ask my high school buddies, I was always wondering how far down the line of succession Rumseld was. I thought he was the next best thing to Robert McNamara...I was horribly wrong.

I can't venture into Iraq criticism, but I can tell you if you want to support someone you certainly don't say they weren't what you wanted, only what you had. I thought he was done, but yesterday two top Republicans voiced their public support of the man running the show in Iraq. Both Sen. Bill Frist, majority leader, and Mitch McConnell, majority whip, came out Friday with written statements atesting to Rumsfeld's "[capability] of leading the Department of Defense and our military forces to victory in Iraq and the war on terror."

I JUST DON'T GET IT! And the only two Republicans I have to back me up are Trent Lott and Chuck Hagel...that leaves a lot to be desired! Criticism and support have escalated since Bush announced he wanted Rumsfeld to stay on board. Seems to me America is as polarized when it comes to him as they are when Hillary Clinton is in the picture. Conclusion? I don't have one! But this I know--our troops deserve far more than a man who tells them we went to war with what we had...not what we wanted.

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Nick Speth said...

Well I can't much argue with you. I like Rummy a lot, and even though I know that when the question was asked, 90% of the uparmoring of Humvees was already complete, and the factory is running at full output capacity, I also know that the answer came across as crass, and extraordinarily foolish.

If Rummy retires from the cabinet because of this, I'll miss him, but I'll also understand the reasoning behind it. However if you really want to make sure all of our soldiers go to war with the best equiment possible, you ought to look at which party slashes defense spending and which doesn't.

I mean, look at Europe. Liberals have had their way with Europe, and, with the exception of France and the UK, most European nations have a military capability that matched ours in the Vietnam era. Even France and the UK are behind us, though not nearly so far.