Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Random Happenings

Forgive me for publishing a "random happenings" post. Orson Scott Card was on to something when he formatted Uncle Orson Reviews Everything. If I hadn't already pledged to post on the political and otherwise historical happenings of the world, I'd do something somewhat like he has done. Who else could get away with writing about Asimov and Altoids all in the same post?

Attack on U.S. Base in Mosul
Today's attack on a U.S. Military base in Iraq has me wondering, HOW? How do we honestly expect for elections to go as plans in January? I thought for a while that I was being pessimistic--or as I call it, "ever skeptical" of what seems to be an unconvincing argument. But after today's attack I'm wondering how we are to hold elections with Iraqi's lives at risk, American lives at risk, and I would assume British, Australian, and oh, Polish lives at stake. (Don't say I'm not mindful of the Grand Ole Coalition!) President Bush has commented in the last two days on Sec. Rumsfeld, the attack in Mosul, and his hopes for the elections. I'd encourage you all to check out the statements released in his press conference yesterday and today's statement on the attack. Since I have a strong conservative readership, I'll let you all make your own conclusions...

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
A good friend of mine burned me a copy of U2's latest album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It's AWESOME! I am a huge fan of U2, was pleasantly surprised by All That You Can't Leave Behind, and am completely impressed by this latest release. It is the closest thing to deep unadulterated U2 since The Joshua Tree. The boys just seem to be getting better with time--the music is better, the videos are better, they are just amazing! You've probably seen the video for the hit Vertigo. It's unlike any other video right now. Check out Atomic Bomb; Amazon has the clips and I would recommend "Vertigo," if you haven't already heard it, "City of Blinding Lights," and my personal favorite, "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own."

I could review a hundred movies or albums today...having this time off from school and having otherwise absolutely nothing to do I've taken to the television and CD player. I just watched Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement, which was a poor excuse for a sequel--most are. But I have also rented The Shawshank Redemption and Miller's Crossing. Should have something better for you by the end of the week...

Happy Holidays!


Cory said...

Ahhh...The Shawshank Redemption - now that's a movie! If it weren't for the language and such, I'd highly recommend it to *everybody.* Because of the language and such, I have to hedge a bit, but still an excellent piece of filmmaking, beginning to end. It also formed the basis of my "Morgan Freeman is the shiznit" philosophy, and since I'm currently reading Stephen King's "On Writing," I have to give props to the novelist as well.

Oh, and I haven't read Uncle Orson yet this week, but I'll have to head right over there now...thanks for the reminder.

Nick Speth said...

As far as the attack in Mosul is concerned, US forces are sweeping that city today, and most of the citizens of that city are smart enough to stay indoors. We'll see what happens, but as for elections, you raise a valid concern. I would point out that with the country still unstable it was perhaps foolish to set a date for the elections, but it would be equally foolish now not to go forward with the date we've set. To do so would only encourage the terrorists and Baathist rebels to continue doing what they're doing. Then, if we set the elections to June or something, even more violence will preceed those elections.

On another note: The new U2 CD is great huh? In truth as far as I'm concerned, U2 can do no wrong (with the possible exception of "Pop," but even that one had its moments), since they rescued me from monolithic devotion to country music. "Rattle and Hum" was the first non-country album I ever bought.