Wednesday, January 5, 2005

A Rant on Tinseltown

I promised to steer myself away from the legislature, and I will, but for the record I got up at 7am yesterday, 4 hours earlier than I would have on any other day, so that I could watch the tribute to Rep. Matsui (D-CA) that didn't happen until 5pm last night. Arrrrgh!

Back to the point at hand-- Tinseltown. I tend to stay clear of commenting on the politics and chaos of Hollywood, but having watched now almost two seasons straight (in less than a week) of The West Wing, I've become quite displeased with the big wigs of Tinseltown. First and foremost the continuous "shuffle" of actors/actresses through the television industry bothers me (I will elaborate) and the choice of films that come to local theaters aggravates me.

The lesser of the two frustrations is the film choice. I realize Pocatello is not New York City, but tell me why Spongebob has been here since the opening day, but Ray was here for only a week. Okay, I got in two viewings of Ray in that week, but the point is cultural films like Ray and Hotel Rwanda stay for a week at most. And Spongebob, The Grudge, and the Christmas movies have stayed for months. Come on!

Now onto the "shuffle." I realize people need work. Television actors are no different, but I, with my short attention span, have a very difficult time believing characters when the actors portraying them have been five other characters on previous shows. Ex. Jimmy Smits-- I grew up with Smits as Bobby Simone. You can't have him running for president on The West Wing when he has forever been on NYPD Blue. Another prime example...Tom Selleck of the Magnum P.I. fame. He can't be Monica Geller's boyfriend on Friends. If you need more examples I could name Amy Brenneman, Jill Hennesey, Emily Procter. And don't get me started on the stars of the WB. If they were on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you can nearly bet they at some time also appeared on Dawson's Creek or Roswell.

Obviously I have a little trouble with the willing suspension of disbelief...I just can't follow new characters that I associate with old shows. Solution? None--this is, afterall, just a rant. They all need jobs in Tinseltown, but the average television viewer doesn't need the job of keeping it all straight!

Rant finished-- I'll move on to the Supreme Court soon. Did you see Rehnquist as he swore in Denny Hastert yesterday? He's not looking good...

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