Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Declaration

*Editor's Note: I'm still following the Schiavo case and will give you updates as they happen. Also, I found it interesting that Barry Bonds announced today that he may be out for the season-- you think the new steroid testing policy has anything to do with that decision??

Just a quick little note-- today I FINALLY declared a major!! After much deliberation my decision landed on History and I have filled out the necessary paperwork. The last several weeks I had been considering this and as I have most recently been frustrated by politics, I realized Political Science wasn't for me and History is.

After two years, my history professor and now advisor says IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!


Teresa said...

Way to go Tara - you'll be amazing!

Anonymous said...

And who said you couldn't make a decision. By the way, my dear, the administrator of the "nervous" hospital sent some ver good stuff for your reading and enjoyment. Stop by and get it.