Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Schiavo Watch: A Conclusion

The Washington Post is reporting that Terri Schiavo died this morning at 10:00 (Est).
Her feeding tube was removed March 18th; she continued to live for 13 days without food or water.

This morning I sat at my computer for several hours contemplating the life and death of Terri Schiavo. I could not formulate a post as hard as I tried. I thought about the lessons we should have learned from her life, the lessons we should have learned from her death, but then realized there are far more important lessons here.

The political pundit in me wanted to address the issues of eating disorders, living wills, and the congressional role in the lives of individual Americans. I wanted to comment on the division of the nation, from the 2000 election, through the war in Iraq, and now to Terri Schiavo, but then I realized something…the mortality of one woman is not for us to decide, it is not for any political body to decide, it is for God to decide.

What we should have learned from Terri Schiavo has less to do with the political things and more to do with the human things. We should have learned who we are, who we love, and what great lengths, as humans, we will go to for those we love. Today a mother mourns the loss of her daughter, a husband mourns the loss of his wife, and a family looks for comfort.

This is not about politics as much as the last few weeks would have liked it to be.

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