Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Bellow and Jennings

The Washington Post is reporting that the legendary author Saul Bellow died today at his home in Brookline, Massachusetts. As non-political as this may seem, I have followed his work closely in studies of the 1960s and have always been a fan of his finest work Herzog. Bellow's character Herzog is one of my favorites, second only in American literature to Holden Caulfied in Catcher in the Rye.

Another bit of news is Peter Jennings announcement this evening that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer. With the recent departures of Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather from the major network news, Jennings' announcement may cause a shake up in the media. Of the anchors, Jennings has always been my favorite. The only voice I remember hearing on 9/11 is Jennings. He is an amazing man and as Brian Williams said tonight at the closing of the nightly news, there is no greater competitor than Jennings, but also no better colleague and friend. Good luck, Mr. Jennings.

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