Monday, April 4, 2005

Happy Opening Day!

It seems with so much death in the news we all needed something a little more happy to talk about. It is officially opening day of the Major League Baseball season!

I was reading in The Washington Post this morning that the RFK stadium opened yesterday for the Washington Nationals exhibition game--- a few slight problems with the stadium, one man got stuck in the turn-style (someone hadn't forgotten to unlock it) and several of the stadiums employees showed up to the wrong places instead of their designated concession stands. But, I'm sure the game was great!!

The AP is reporting this morning that the first steroid suspension was issued to the Devilray's outfielder Alex Sanchez. I sure hope the steroid hype slows and we can watch some quality baseball this season.

Anyway, if nothing else we can all hope for another Red Sox World Series!! (But, of course I'm in it for the Braves!)

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