Sunday, May 1, 2005

Baseball, DeLay, and North Korea

It is now dead week at Idaho State, followed by finals week and then the spring semester will officially be over. Of course, the semester ends on the 13th of May and then I begin the summer session on the 16th, but hopefully the summer will allow me more posting opportunities-- not that I haven't had plenty of chances, just not plenty of time. I feel somewhat better about my lack of posting, as I've noticed both Nick and Cory are struggling along with the posts as well. (I think it may because those boys took on two posts at once...but who am I to say? I applaud their efforts.)

So in the style of Orson Scott Card, I shall comment briefly on what I've been following and what's on my mind:

1.) North Korea
I wasn't alive during the Cold War (okay, I was too young to remember the fall of the Soviet Union), but I can't imagine the fear that must have ensued as each superpower tested nuclear weapons. The United States is scrambling at the moment to determine what the North Koreans are up to as they set off a nuclear missile this week. I doubt it is anything, much less a major threat to our national security, but it will be interesting to see if this will start the argument again about bilateral negotiations with North Korea.

2.) Peter Jennings & The Person of the Week
Since Jennings' announcement that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer, we haven't seen much of him. They seem to shuffle through anchors at ABS News. I'm tired of Geroge Stephanopolus (I'm not really sure how to spell that one). I continue to hope for the best for Peter Jennings. Where I was going with this is on the Friday show they always do the person of the week...I always guess who I think it will be. Now, there are 52 weeks in the year and out of 52 guesses, last year I was 4 for 52. This year so far I've guessed 6 right, now I don't want to get anyone to excited, but this might be a lucky streak. I'll keep you posted.

3.) Oh dear Tom DeLay
The Republicans really need to make up their minds. Last year they changed the ethics rules to protect their precious house majority leader and now under a bit of criticism, imagine that, from the Democrats, they have reinstated the earlier rules so that DeLay can "clear his name." Denny Hastert was on the news (and I watched this on FoxNews, sadly to say) stating that one in their party needs desperately to clear his name. The thing is, I'm not sure DeLay going before the ethics committee will do that. I'm just predicting here, but this won't be the end of DeLay...not the end of the story anyway. I'm thinking this may ruin him. But it sure is making the Democrats look good. Maybe the Republicans should keep him around afterall. Also, about DeLay, I was reading up on the new president of the NRA and found an interesting article. It might be worth a read.

4.) Fantasy Baseball
So for the first time ever, I joined a fantasy baseball league. I thought for sure that it would be easy, well it's not. I have to keep track of things on a regular basis. The first two weeks I didn't do too well. Mostly because I wasn't keeping track of it and partly becasue I had a pretty bad team. I started out with a rough pitching staff and then Nomar Garciaparra got put on the disabled list--but now that I've added a few including Marcus Giles from my beloved Atlanta Braves and have finally figured out the power of the utility slot, I may just get my standings up after all! To make a long story short, if anyone has extra time on their hands I would recommend the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports deal. Check it out.

Well, that's it I guess. After the next two weeks I'll try and be a little more frequent and regular. Until then, please be patient.

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