Friday, May 6, 2005

Blair Wins

Yes, yes...I know that I promised a post on what I've learned from the semester. I still shall write such a post, but not today. I only have a few minutes before I have to attend to Vietnam class matters and then I'm driving to Declo for the day.

Just a quick little update--Tony Blair won a historic third term yesterday in England's elections. This is both good and bad. I like Tony Blair for the most part. I think that he is a skilled orator and has been one of the stronger prime ministers in the history of the U.K., but he is VERY conservative. If we ever hope to get out of Iraq we will need world leaders who will put positive pressure (I say this because I don't believe the pressures of Germany, Russia, and so on are really that helpful) on President Bush. Blair has been Bush's constant ally in this and if anyone has the power to put their foot down and make a difference it just may be Tony Blair. (A sidenote-- I thought that Laura Bush had this power, but her recent comedy routine at the annual press dinner makes me think otherwise.)

I congratulate Blair, despite my hesitation, because I know that any race won is a great victory for either candidate. Campaigning is by far the hardest part of politics and I admire anyone who can do it successfully. The Labor Party was not nearly as successful in the elections yesterday, but Blair continues to be a popular icon for the British people.

Okay, I am off to learn a few last tidbits about the quagmire we refer to as Vietnam and then I'll be on the road to Declo. Either tonight or over the weekend you can expect a post on the lessons of the semester...Vietnam, Idaho Politics, and otherwise.


Nick Speth said...

You should qualify that, Tara. He's very conservative only as it relates to foreign policy. He's still a Labour Party member, which is the more liberal party in Great Britain.

Nick Speth said...

FYI: the two parties websites.

The Labour Party

The Tory Party

Tara A. Rowe said...

Yes, you are right. The Labour Party is traditionally the most liberal. But I was speaking about his foreign policy conservativeness. Thank you for
catching that.