Saturday, May 21, 2005

Flip-Flopping All Over Again

I have been closely watching the events in the U.S. Senate as they unfold in regard to the judicial nominee/filibuster debate. I think it is quite funny that the party that hammered Mr. John Kerry so badly in the fall has so many voices that have flip-flopped so verbally on the issue of filibustering judicial nominees.

The number one flip-flopper is undoubtedly Alberto Gonzales, the newest Attorney General of the United States. Having served with nominee Precilla Owen (sorry about the spelling) in Texas, he had earlier stated that she was a bad choice for the court system and had frowned upon any future confirmation. Funny, today I'm just reading along in The Washington Post and in small print on the website, underneath all of the hot issues and news for today, was a small link that stated Gonzalez is now supporting Owens. Check it out.
This debate is only going to get more heated and despite my constant support of the Democratic Party, I really think they are right on this one. If a Democrat were in the White House proposing this same idea through the mouth of a Democratic majority leader, the Republicans would be calling foul here too. It has everything to do with party loyalty for the Republicans and nothing to do with the history and tradition of the senate.

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Nick Speth said...

Luckily, Gonzales's admittedly-baffling position on Owen doesn't matter in the slightest. It just matters that less than 60 Senators have a good enough opinion of her to call for a vote.

For the record. I do not support the use of the so-called "nuclear option" because I feel that it sets a dangerous precedent.