Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Post on Television

I just finished watching American Idol and thought that in the last few weeks I have had much to say about the television world and finales without ever saying much about it to anyone, save a few lucky suckers!

For the record, my favorite on American Idol is Bo Bice. He's been my favorite from the beginning, though I haven't been a faithful watcher of the show, mostly in between studying, eating dinner, or just running in or out. Tonight I was so surprised and impressed with the range of his talent. It takes a lot of talent to sing an Elton John song. It takes a lot of talent to sing an Elton John song and sound anything like Elton. Bo was great, but his next two performances were even greater. He sang Badlands and "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones, two songs that are unbelieveably difficult and yet he didn't even hesitate. I'm with Clive, Bo is going all the way and for the first time in this Idol frenzy the country has been enveloped in, I think I would buy a CD by him.

Next, this week was the season finale of Crossing Jordan, one of my all-time favorites. I was so shocked by the events of the hour-drama and in the end was very disappointed. Garrett Macey, the cheif medical examiner in the Boston show's setting was suspended for a case that he took on his first year at the office and fudged. In a nut shell, Henry Winkler aka "The Fonz" wants his job and was on a witchhunt. I like Garrett, almost as much as I like Law and Order alumness Jill Hennesey who plays Jordan, the insecure, family-sensitive, brilliant m.e. In the end of the show Garrett got on the elevator and left as if he was never coming back. I'm putting this out there because maybe one of my readers can tell me if they had heard anything about him leaving the show. I hate endings with no resolution!!

Also in the finale category, Judging Amy was quite impressive this season. And Bruce returned in the finale, that made it GREAT! I enjoy that show because of the family dynamic and because Judge Gray is what I think every kid needs, a mentor, a senisitive decision maker, and an advocate for the progress of children, even those who are somewhat off the path. In the season finale, after having quitting the bench, Amy went to Washington to testify in front of the U.S. Senate on an issue of juvenile court rulings. I think that Amy has a good shot at being elected and I would hope that she would run. If she does, that's something political, and I could post about it. Couldn't I??

Let's see... did I comment on The West Wing? I am very excited to see Leo McGerry running with Matt Santos on the democratic ticket. They have the nomination and of course we have to wait until the fall to see the actual race and whether or not the guys can pull it off or if Alan Alda will beat them, but nonetheless, I thought the finale was awesome and gave an interesting insight into the primaries as well as the evolution of the party convention. I recently discovered The West Wing and love every minute of it!

Can you tell the everyday world of Washington politics is annoying me? This nuclear option regarding the nomination of judicial nominees is bothering me. If the Democrats were proposing such an absurd rule change the Republicans would be just as irrate. How can such educated individuals not realize that this has nothing to do with the man in the White House and everything to do with a shift to one-party politics? I strongly support the nomination of centrist judges and would remind those in Washington that historically those appointed to the bench are nearly always prone to shifting to the left once there and never to the right. Isn't television just so much more interesting?

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I love Bo Bice!!!