Thursday, June 9, 2005

No Post-- An Update On My Schedule

Hey everybody, I know I said I'd be back to the blogging world quickly, but it may be next week before I have a significant and thoughtful post. I moved yesterday and today I am taking my Comparative Politics final (4-week summer classes are so strange). Hopefully over the weekend I can get settled in, get caught up on my reading for The Presidency class I'm still in for another 2 weeks, and maybe start thinking about a good post. I really would still love to comment on Oliver Stone. Watch for something great next week-- Have a happy and safe weekend!


Nick Speth said...

Oliver Stone huh? Let me set you up... So, Tara, what did you think of the movie JFK?

Tara A. Rowe said...

You just wait Mr. Speth. I have a lot to say about Oliver Stone. I love and hate that man all at once. His work has such potential and he throws it away.