Saturday, June 4, 2005

Special Olympics and the Secretary of State

Last night I attended the opening ceremonies of Special Olympics. It's that time of year once again where athletes from all over the state come to Pocatello for state games and compete in powerlifting, basketball, swimming, and track & field. This is the first year I have actually watched the opening ceremony, usually I'm out in the parking lot getting the teams in line or coaching. It was very nice to watch this well-orchestrated event and be able to appreciate how much work goes into that hour long event, as well as how much work goes into the ISU-hosted weekend.

The one thank you I wanted to make was to Mr. Ben Ysursa, Idaho's Secretary of State. Pocatello's own mayor was scheduled to walk in as a dignitary and didn't show, but Ben Ysursa showed up and happily walked in and enjoyed the night. I always think it is a shame that when the state games come to Pocatello not many people come out to support the athletes and the hard work that goes into hosting the games. Only one member of Pocatello's city council was there, a few regional directors of Special Olympics, and Ben Ysursa. Dave Reichelt, of our local Channel 6-KPVI News was there and did a great job as MC with the help of Ben Rigby (Idaho's Special Olympian (home team--Pocatello) that qualified and competed in the world games held last winter in Nagano, Japan. I was disappointed that none of the state representatives attended, but like I said wanted to send a shout-out to Ben Ysursa for making the trip down.

Alright, I'm headed off to help with a few track & field events and then I'm going to watch Pocatello's basketball team. If you don't hear from me again over the weekend let me fill you in on the schedule for the upcoming week: I am moving on Wednesday to take the house parent position at Independence Home. Next week will be really crazy! My Comparative Politics 4-week class ends on Thursday, so between that final, a paper to write on Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and moving, I might be out of the blogging world for a week or so...unless some matter of utmost importance arises.

Be patient and I will see you all again in a few short days. Have a great week!


Randy said...

My own children are likely to be participating in the Special Olympics in a few years, so thanks for paying attention to those games.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Randy, do I know you? I think
that Special Olympics serves a good purpose and its mission is sincere. I've been involved somehow since I was twelve. It's a very important organization.

Randy said...

You probably don't know me. I clicked on your link via Nick's Daily News, which I found when I was pretending to be from Logan, Utah, on my blogger profile. My wife is from there anyway.

Nick Speth said...

Randy, Tara. Tara, Randy.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks for the introduction. Welcome, Randy.