Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hello, Summer

The Lincoln Forum scholarship is sealed tight and on it's way to California!! My sense of relief is unmeasurable and it has been a great day since that envelope made it to the post office. Since I ended summer school and started right in on that scholarship essay, today I FINALLY feel like it is summer vacation. With three weeks left before fall semester begins I don't have any big plans, but I'm more than happy to not have anything important to do. Look for posts on my adventures in writing about Lincoln, something about the space shuttle, and who knows what else!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you are due some much deserved down time. Without sounding too much like a horoscope, you need to congratulate yourself for a job well done. I'm sure it was time well spent preparing and planning.
Now go out and burn the proverbial candle from both ends.