Friday, July 22, 2005


There's a storm brewing in Washington as Senator Kerry asks for the documents of Supreme Court nominee Roberts, the storm has yet to settle in the streets of London, and the space shuttle program is nearing an end, but I've had a horrible day and I just want to talk about music.

I was pretty young when Ben Folds Five's "Brick" came out. Too young to realize that it was about abortion, but impressionable enough to take from the music video that someone was drowning in regret. It was a catchy tune, I think, Ben Folds can sure play the piano, something I admire, and it got quite a bit of radio time. It also took a lot of heat from the critics. Something in singing about abortion to a crowd that's fueling the Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and Britney Spears fame doesn't look too good. Hey, I like the song, so who am I to say whether or not it was well received.

Well, Ben Folds is back and at it again, this time they've downplayed the controversy and have a new single called "Landed." Not landed in the typical sense of the word, nothing to do with an airport or other things, but landed as in has come back from another place and is ready to try again, turn around, etc. Nice comeback for a band that is in no way fit to compete for air time with the Maroon 5, Rob Thomas, and Gwen Stefani welcoming radio stations. They certainly aren't incompetent, just in a different ballpark than the hip-hop/pop artists featured on the airwaves.

Ben Folds to me is like Macy Gray, Billie Meyers, and others, a little out of place, but brilliant. It seems in all the hype of the pop-era, the boy bands, and the comebacks the good music just keeps getting missed. We've somehow picked up on Howie Day and a few other really good and solid muscians, yet we're still buying the Never Gone albums. This won't change because the cd purchases are being marketed to the 14-18 group more often than not and no one really cares what the 18-24 group wants.

Okay this was a long rant about nothing really important. I guess if I had a point at all it was to tell you all to at least listen to the new Ben Folds Five single. It's not powerful lyrically, just some breakups, makeups, and get your life on track moments, but it's different, powerful, and beautiful. Ben Folds got me through the day today. Nothing political about that, but I've had some pretty political days to compensate for days like today.

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