Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Losing, Leaks, and Lincoln

The All-Star Game has come and gone...sadly. The National League lost to the American League tonight, 7-5. It will be now eight years that the American League will have had home-team advantage at the World Series, something I hoped would change with tonight's game, but I guess there is always next year. The game itself was pretty exciting. John Smoltz took the loss for the National League, but another Brave, Andruw Jones had a stellar night with a 2-run homer. All in all I was impressed with the performance of the National League and just as impressed with the performance of the American League and MVP Tejada. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Next alliterative element of the post title...leaks. I'm sure by now you've all heard about Karl Rove and the supposed CIA leak. When I hear Rove's name I never take it too seriously. Maybe it's time I should. But then again in Washington they investigate EVERYTHING, so this could just be a fluke, or it could be real criminal charges against the Bush ally and deputy chief-of-staff. I would recommend reading The Washington Post for further information, I don't have a lot of info right now.

And the reason for my lack of information...I'm wrapped up in a few things for the moment. Mostly this crazy little (who am I kidding it's huge) scholarship essay for the Lincoln Forum. By the 31st of this month I have to have this essay written on what may have happened had Lincoln not been assassinated. Okay, in my head and on paper I've probably answered this question a million times when it comes to the Kennedy assassination, but I've never looked so deeply into the Lincoln assassination. I've been deep into the Sandburg biography. I love Sandburg. I still contend that the greatest thing to happen while LBJ was in office was the awarding of the Congressional Medal of Freedom to Carl Sandburg. Anyway, I've been researching and today I finally got my works cited page done. It's rolling along, but it might take me to the deadline to tweak it . Be patient with the posts for history calls.


Nick Speth said...

At best this will be a black eye for the president. Even Limbaugh is saying that at least one of the potentially up to two leakers is high in the administration.

If I was a democrat, I'd almost want it to be someone OTHER than Rove (Rice, Powell, etc.), someone who's political future might be in trouble. Rove isn't getting elected anything soon.

Tara A. Rowe said...

You're right, for the Democrats it would be more of a story if it was Rice, Gonzalez, or Powell, but for the Democrats who can't seem to pull themselves up, this is at least something.

I forgot to mention one thing about the All-Star Game, Mike Piazza (NY Mets, catcher) played and they announced that it may be his last year in the National League, his contract is up with the Mets after this season, and the guy is up there in years. Anyway, my point, if I had one, was that Piazza is amazing. He holds the record for most homeruns by a catcher...EVER. That's worth talking about.