Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just Not Into The Game

Some days I don't like politics. Some days I wonder why I am getting a history degree. Some days it is safest to not touch the hot political issues. In his glory, Donald Rumsfeld (with the help of the base closing committee) has chosen to close Walter Reed Medical Hospital. Yes, Walter Reed. The Walter Reed. This isn't about soldiers without armor, a war without reason, this is beginning to be about ignorance & stupidity. Some days even I like Chuck Hagel.

Today I was helping to set up an MSN Messenger account, come to think of it I wasn't really that much help, but I thought it was odd the secret question choices offered to a user on an MSN account. When you set up the account you set your password and are given that secret question in case you lose your password. The questions were so random. I of course sat there and wondered if I had an answer to some of those questions. "Who is your favorite fictional character?" Easy, Holden Caulfield. My soul mate. Okay, not really, but the first time I read Catcher in the Rye I really thought so. There isn't much depth to Holden. Nothing that would normally attract me to a character. No defining strength like Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird and certainly nothing that stacks up against any of Steinbeck's characters, but I love him. Just a misguided kid trying to find his place in the world. We can all relate. "Who's your favorite character from history?" Well, isn't that a tricky question? A hard one, too. Rosa Parks. I think for me it is safe to say so. I'm a Kennedy nerd, but even I can realize the importance of one woman who had the courage to say no. And just as happy as I can be with the life of and work of John F. Kennedy, my happiness and interest is matched by confusion and disappointment. "What's your favorite tv show that is no longer on?" Maybe it said from childhood, I can't remember. A lot of the questions referred to childhood. Regardless, The X-Files. No contest. I always liked ALF and Quantum Leap as a kid and was recently annoyed with the cancellation of Judging Amy, but Scully & Mulder get my vote every time.

As you may have noticed on the sidebar what used to be the section that said "In the CD Player" has been renamed "Songs on Repeat." Strange? Yes, but here's my explanation: I don't really listen to CD's straight through. I listen to one song on repeat for hours, days, weeks on end. One song. A little obsessive, but I'll admit I'm more than obsessive about music. I'm not really one to sit down and listen to an entire album even if I like the artist. So what used to be "In the CD player" has been redefined and narrowed down to individual songs. The only problem is this...if I really listed all of the songs on repeat, several would always be on the list. I have my favorites. There are a few songs that I could listen to every minute of every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of them. Before I get too set in this new adjustment to the sidebar let me give the permanent & honorary additions to "Songs on Repeat"---

1. "Let it Be," The Beatles
2. "Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan
3. "Drops of Jupiter," Train
4. "Please Come to Boston," David Allan Coe
5. "Morning Has Broken," Cat Stevens
6. "Secret Garden," Bruce Springsteen
7. "Behind Blue Eyes," The Who
8. "With or Without You," U2

Those songs seem to appear more than any others. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Van Morrison, a little Joe Cocker, Bob Seger in the car, and strangely enough two more current artists are in my head...Blake Shelton (a country artist) whose single "Goodbye Time" is very good and Tonic (not a country artist) whose single from several years ago called "If You Could Only See" still captivates me.

Now that you know how mad I am about Walter Reed, how obsessive I am about music, and how baffled MSN makes me, I guess that's it. School is still a bit chaotic, I'm really hating it at this point and the history program is a joke, but hopefully soon it, as well as everything else in my life that is upside down and causing me to lose sleep, will mellow out and life will be back to normal. Whatever that is. Look for a good as well as more politically natured post from me on Sunday. Until then, Happy Blogging!


Nick Speth said...

An interesting note: my father can only play one song on the guitar and it's Please Come to Boston.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I can only play one song on the electric guitar and it's "The Star Spangled Banner." I don't know the chords, just put my hands where the pep band instructor told me too. I'd sell my soul to be able to play "Please Come to Boston."