Sunday, August 21, 2005

To My Faithful Readers

So, I was on my way home tonight from Burley where I had been to a wedding reception...I HATE WEDDING RECEPTIONS. It was actually for my friend Chris Hartwell. If I didn't like the kid so much and if his mom wouldn't have called me personally to tell me to come I certainly wouldn't have gone. I'm quickly running out of single friends. I'm only twenty, you'd think I'd have oodles of single friends. Nope, not really. Of my closest friends it would be a stretch to say I have five single friends. And if said five that would be counting one that's out on a mission and one that is leaving on a mission. I'm not sure missionaries count! Anyway...the hour ride home seemed like centuries. As I belted out "If It Makes You Happy" by the lovely Sheryl Crow and "Total Eclipse of the Heart," come to think of it, I don't know who was singing that one, it was almost too soft to be Air Supply, I was thinking about how happy I am to have this medium to vent my frustrations that aren't always political. And someone actually reads them! We must all be bored or have too much time on our hands. Ina nut shell I just wanted to tell all of you thanks. You make the blogging world and politics enjoyable for me. Have a great week!!


Nick Speth said...

Every time I go to one I get the same question... "When are you going to have one of these?" Um... how 'bout "EVENTUALLY!!!" Good gravy.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Hey Nick, I'm counting you in that five single friends category, don't be getting married on me!

They don't ask me when I'll be having a reception, but they sure want to know if I'm dating anyone. Good gravy is right.

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Nick Speth said...

Hey, I'm honored.

To everyone else... WTF?

Tara A. Rowe said...

Wow. Lots of commentary. Were did all that come from??