Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Coffee Straws, Obsessions, & the Weekend Schedule

I don't drink coffee, I really can't stand the smell of the stuff, but I've recently gained a new appreciation for coffee straws. They are great to chew on. My orthodontist would be thrilled that I'm sharing this with the world, but if you're a fingernail-biter, I would recommend investing in some coffee straws. Today on CPSAN I was watching the Democratic Caucus (in the House of Reps) discuss the Katrina aftermath, and as Democrats do so well, they pretty much got in a circle and started shooting at themselves. The key to success in the Democratic Party is to be the last man standing. Anyway, they were arguing about Katrina, probably staging their shots at the 2008 election, and I decided they could benefit from some serious coffee straw-chewing. I think I'll send Harry Reid a letter with that exact statement. The circular firing squad doesn't seem to be working for him, what does he have to lose with a little chewing? And what's this about him voting no to Roberts?

Orson Scott Card recently wrote a review on obsessions. Something about this horrible song that keeps getting stuck in his head, I can't remember for the life of me what it was, but I'm sure it was something to the effect of "Dancing Queen" by ABBA which gets stuck in my head on a regular basis (I think it was something by Elton John). Since his review I've been thinking about my musical obsessions, and since I get more comments on the random posts I write rather than the really thought out political or historical posts, I thought I'd share a few of those with my readers. Sort of like Nick's "Get To Know Your Humble Host" (which I am patiently waiting for the next installment of...hint-hint).

Musically I'm obsessed on different levels. Of course as you all know I listen to songs on repeat, but there are certain songs frequently on repeat and certain artists that are an obsession. Pearl Jam...when my world is upside down, spinning out of control, and I can't pull myself up by the "bootstraps" you can almost bet I'll be listening to Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. There is something about that voice that is unbelievable. Something about that talent that is unreal. When I know I should be looking for answers I listen to Garth Brooks. Not too sure why, but always have been that way. I joke about it, but when I'm looking for answers I listen to Garth, when I know the answers, I pray. Screwy? Yes. But that's me. Another strange music obsession is "Morning Has Broken," by Cat Stevens. I listen to it every morning on my way to school without fail. Sometimes on my headphones as I walk to campus from the parking lot, sometimes in the car, or sometimes in my house on my way out the door. There is something about that song that can make the morning what it should be, a clean slate, a new outlook, calm. My music obsessions are limitless, I do after all own like fifteen Ray Charles albums, those 3 are just the most obvious obsessions.

So the weekend schedule is a bit crazy. Friday night I'm going to Declo, my hometown for the high school's homecoming game. Never since I've graduated have I done this, I really don't understand that tradition, but I'm going. I really just need to get out of town if only for a few hours, watch a little football, and do some driving with the music as loud as it goes. Saturday is homework day. I have more than I can realistically do just in one day, but I'm going to devote most of Saturday to that. And Sunday is TV day. All the new shows are on. Since Sunday is the big day for the new season of The West Wing, I am going to try and post a little plug for that wonderful show sometime between now and Sunday. Other than that, unless something monumental happens in the world, don't plan on a really deep rooted or well thought out post from me until next week.

Have a great remainder of the week and a great weekend!

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