Sunday, October 2, 2005

The Mommy Problem (TWW)

If CJ Cregg leaves The West Wing, I can't remain a loyal watcher. There is something about her that brings in the 18-24 year old female audience. She's brilliant, talented, and the strong successful independent type. That's what it is that brings in the college-aged female. Her character graduated from UCLA or maybe it was Berkeley, she was in a dead-end no interest job in Hollywood, and finally found her place in the White House. She struggled along in a man's world as press secretary and then following the heart attack of Leo McGarry she became the president's chief-of-staff. For me she is The West Wing.

I may have missed something along the way. I don't understand the relationship between her and Post writer Greg Brock. Brock is going to a minimum security prison for refusing to divulge his source on the NASA situation. Whether that be CJ Cregg or not (which honestly, I can't remember if it is...but I have a hunch) the Senate held him in contempt and off he goes. You have to wonder if CJ will step in and say something or if she'll sit on it-- I don't think CJ is the type of character to let him take the fall...and the reference to President Bartlett having to fire's not going to be Tobey. I'm all about Kate Harper getting fired. Except she was really good to Leo...

Leo? Who's that? If the ticket wants to be strong wouldn't it appear obvious that the two men, both Leo and Santos, should be visible? All we got in this episode were a few references to his cholesterol. Unless the writers want to replace Leo on the ticket they better start stepping up his appearances.

The Santos campaign is, well, disgusting. Congressman Casanova? Could they not come up with something else for the storyline? And sadly that isn't as disgusting as them bringing on Louise (Janeane Garofalo) as communications director. I'm not a fan of her as an actress and I'm even less of a fan of hers as a political activist. I wonder if she took the gig with TWW to attempt to mainstream some of her more radical ideas. Yes, I am still a Democrat, as is she, and have not become more conservative in the last week, but she's even too radical for me. This coming from someone who on that political spectrum quiz I have on my sidebar frequently get scores between four and six on a scale between 1 (most liberal) and 40 (most conservative). If I think she's radical I wonder what people think of me.

Alright, that's all I've got. I did think it was a nice touch that Margaret volunteered to lie in front of a grand jury for CJ if need be. And CJ being CJ said no.

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Communis Legionarius said...

I don't think that CJ will ever leave the show until it is cancelled, which looks like it might be coming to an end. Cool blog by the way.

Communis Legionarius