Thursday, November 17, 2005


I'm really not so sure if I should be announcing this here and now, but Tuesday night at the National Organizing Kickoff event sponsored by the College Dems that the speaker for the 3rd Annual Richard Stallings Banquet January 11, 2006 will be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid!!! There will be a press conference tomorrow at Idaho State University at noon to announce the plan.

This is big news for Pocatello and wonderful news for Democrats across the state. And for me personally it is very exciting since I just recently came around to recognizing the "political rockstar" status of Senator Reid. As I get more details on the banquet I will let you all know.

Also, by way of announcements, Tuesday there will be a breakfast here in Pocatello (Little Wood River room of the PSUB) to announce Sen. Bert Marley's candidacy for state superintendent. He will then go on Boise to announce. I don't have the details exactly, but I believe the breakfast will be around 7 am here in Pocatello and the announcement in Boise will be around 1:30 pm.

Now, again attempting to not flunk out of school before tomorrow at noon, I need to get back to some serious paper writing, but before Thanksgiving look for a series of posts to the tone of "This Day in History." Some significant events in U.S. History occurred over the next several days and they are events that deserve my time and attention as well as a thoughtful post.


matt kopydlowski said...

Do you think Reid is placing himself to run for president? I was looking at some preliminary polling on EARLY favorites for 2008. So far the repugnants have all the favorites. McCain and Giuliani would beat Hillary head to head. Anyway, check this link out...

Nick Speth said...

McCain and Giuliani? You'll see the far right give them the same treatment they gave Miers. The RINO treatment.