Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Housecleaning & Reminders

Just a few housecleaning matters...As you can see the blog is drastically different this morning. A couple of reasons, but the only really important reason is that I had messed around with the color scheme last night in my insomnia so much that I couldn't get back to original colors or see some of the links! Instead of just keeping on task and getting things back to normal I decided to go with a whole new (and much easier) template for the time being until I have extra time to put it all back together. That extra time may not come until next week since Idaho State is out for an entire week for Thanksgiving Break. And I am VERY excited to have a week off!!

Now for the reminders. First, if any of you are in southeast Idaho tonight there is a National Organizing Kickoff event being sponsored by the College Democrats at ISU. The event begins around 7:15 and will include a conference call with DNC Chairman Howard Dean and the announcement of the Richard Stallings Dinner speaker. Both of which are very exciting for us Dems in the red state. If you'd like to attend it is the North Fork room of the Salmon River Suites (3rd floor of the Pond Student Union Building right off of 5th street). Let me know if you need directions.

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Serephin said...

Don't keep the Stallings banquet speaker's identity a secret from the folks, Tara -- shout it out!