Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Marley Announces Run

It is official, Idaho State Senator Bert Marley has announced he will seek the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction. On the lawn of the capitol in Boise yesterday, Marley was introduced by Senator Elliot Werk as a candidate for the statewide office being vacated by Dr. Marilyn Howard. Marley is a former small business owner and farmer. He has taught in the public education system for 23 years and has served for almost a decade in the Idaho State Senate.

In an announcement speech to legislators, the press, and others in attendance, Marley said:

You may hear people in this campaign say that Idaho's education system is broken. I am in the classroom every day, and I can tell you Idaho's students are not broken. As a whole, they are bright and motivated and ambitious. Idaho's teachers are not broken. As a whole, they are qualified and dedicated and think of their students' needs first. Idaho's education system can, and should be celebrated for the amazing things we are accomplishing each day. As we celebrate these successes, let us look for every opportunity for continued improvement.

As an ISU college Democrat I was excited to be at the announcement, but more importantly as a former student of Senator Marley's, I was honored. Idaho needs strong, dedicated candidates like Marley. Let's win back our state!

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