Monday, December 5, 2005

On A Monday

My little brother plays the trumpet. Why do I point this out? Yes, it is even slightly random for me, but here's the story... This morning I was lying in bed (or I should say the couch after having tried the chair, the bed, and the couch hoping for sleep to overtake me) and I could hear Coltrane playing in my head. Coltrane plays the saxophone. Yes, I know. I play the saxophone. Where is this going? I do have a point, I promise. So my little brother plays the trumpet and loves John Coltrane. I had never thought much of Coltrane. Honestly, I love Louis Armstrong. Why? I have no idea, but there is something in his trumpet playing that soothes me. Maybe if Armstrong had been playing in my head I would have actually fallen asleep at some point.

So, the point of this is... the Marshall Public Library here in Pocatello has an entire CD collection. I scope it out pretty regularly when I stop in. Today I stopped in. This is odd for a Monday. Saturday is the most likely of library adventure days, but today I needed a library day. Mostly because I thought they'd hunt me down at some point, being that the Kennedy and Khrushchev book that I have been reading (the one that has inspired such off the wall posts lately) was overdue. Anyway, I scoped out the CD collection and there was this lovely John Coltrane CD sitting there as if for some reason it was meant for me to find. I came home, stuck in the CD player, and there it was #4 "Just For the Love." Had I not listened to this CD today I would have continued on attesting to the fact that I had no Coltrane piece burned into memory. But...NOT TRUE. There in my memory, hidden away like so many other bizarre things that sometimes resurface (often in the form of The Who lyrics), was this lovely piece by Coltrane. I'm sure my little bro is thrilled I announced to the world that he plays the trumpet...

He, the district wrestling champion, would probably stop strutting for just long enough to tell you that I played the tuba once and was horrible at it and played the baritone for months and never could pick up a trumpet and play a scale. Which I'd imagine is the reason I admire Louis Armstrong so much and added to about a gagillion other reasons think my little bro is pretty "sa-weeeeet."

Next on my much needed adventure to the library--still in the CD section--was a face I recognized. There it was on the shelf, Kristin Chenoweth: Let Yourself Go. For those of you who don't know, and I don't blame you for it took me several minutes to put the pieces together, Kristin is the newish face on The West Wing who is nowadays Leo's sidekick. I think when CJ took Leo's job as chief-of-staff after his heart attack and Toby (notice the correct spelling) stepped into CJ's old job and Chenoweth became the communications director. And she can sing! It's amazing. Not necessarily my type of music, though I don't know what my type actually is, but it was interesting to listen to and quite impressive. Let's just say CJ Cregg singing "The Jackal" has nothing on Kristin.

Next exciting encounter-- I checked in my overdue books and this lovely little man who is always there when I am asked me how my paper turned out. It seems he always knows I've written a beastly paper when my books are late. Actually we usually discuss whatever it is I'm up to when I check the books out in the first place, but it just so happens this last time 8 books on the Mediterranean Sea gave away the fact that I had a term paper to write for my Geosciences course. After our discussion about my writing projects he said he had found something great for me. Now when a librarian who knows me as well as this guy says he's found something great for me, it's the most wonderful surprise. I was thinking a new Kennedy biography would be great, but I'll have to pass because I do have finals to study for, but then he handed me the book and I just wanted to squeal right then and there in the library. Somewhere in stacks of books that no one ever looks at, let alone ever checks out, was a biography of Adlai Stevenson!!! Let's just say I was excited and leave it at that.

So, on a Monday it was a great trip to the old town library. And on a day where I vacuumed up my cell phone charger that will never work again, shredded I'd say at least a thousand papers, cleaned the most disgusting room I have ever seen in my lifetime, ignored a throbbing headache that's been silently building for a good 8 months, and somehow survived on an hour of sleep for like the fifth time in as many days, that's not half bad. Thank everything that is holy for the public library!

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