Monday, December 12, 2005

The Wedding (TWW)

Josh, of course they want Leo. He's only the best of the best. Is it just me or has this campaign season been unbelievably long? Get on with it already. Don't get me wrong, I love Martin Sheen and in his case don't want term limits, but it is time to have the election. It is time for a new president. Who will it be? My money is on Santos. Mostly because they spend far more time on the young Democrat and if they (the writers) want to draw in some more younger viewers it would be a wise choice. I love Alan Alda, though. As do most post-M*A*S*H junkies.

They'll stick with Josh. Leo will step it up. Josh will step it up. You know, maybe that ever present backpack is weighing him down.

Let me just say the Will/Kate dynamic has been a long time coming. Enough said.

In my humble opinion, the writers have done a wonderful job of drawing various audiences. With Santos they get the younger females (the non-intellectuals...can't believe I just said that), with CJ Cregg and Kate Harper they draw in a substantial number of more intellectual females (young and old) who are impressed with the independent, strong woman persona, with Leo and the President they get, well hell, who don't they get? They get old presidential junkies who have watched Sheen in the Kennedy flicks and a few viewers who just think Leo's it. That would be me. With Josh, Will, and I'd say Sam (gee, I miss Sam) they pull an odd array of viewers for a combination of reasons. And Charlie. With Charlie they get a black audience, a young audience, a mesmerized audience. A young kid, mom killed in the line, came for a messenger job and became the President's wingman...what's not to like? Kudos to the writers.

The father/president challenge always fascinates me. When the President Bartlett temporarily resigned when Zoey was kidnapped I was amazed and tonight again, as he yelled at the Chinese ambassador to shut up and let him walk his daughter down the isle, I was yet again impressed. It would be hard to be a father and the President of the United States. It is hard to define the end of one and the beginning of the other.

Last and certainly not least... Leo made a quip about Illinois that I'd like to clarify. At first I was confused as to why Leo would say the party had not contested Illinois even during the Eisenhower run. Why wouldn't the party contest Illinois in 1952 or 1956? They had a candidate from Illinois. So I looked into it... Democrats didn't win Illinois in '52 or '56. Surprised me. And I'm still confused. Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson won Illinois. Why wouldn't the party contest Illinois? I guess that's just one of those questions I'll never know the answer to.

Pretty good episode. Would have liked to see a little more of the wedding, but all in all not too bad. Mrs. Bartlett however looked a little like a disco ball.


Nick Speth said...

I don't like Alan Alda. I think that M*A*S*H got steadily worse as he got more and more creative control. The first season was by far the best. Of course that may be due to my liking Blake and McIntyre to Potter and Honeycutt, but whatever.

Don't contest Ill? Maybe because Illinois is the Lincoln State and Lincoln was a Republican. I wouldn't think that the Republicans would try to win the FDR state (if there was one).

Nick Speth said...

Sorry, the license plates say "Land of Lincoln" not "The Lincoln State" whatever.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I honestly never watched M*A*S*H. I think my parents may have.

Just because Illinois brought us two prominent Republicans (Grant and Licoln) doesn't mean we can't contest it. There have been great candidates out of Illinois and a rising Democratic party.

Don't even tell me there is a rising Democratic party because the Chicago cemetery votes. I've heard that one already.