Friday, January 27, 2006

Bloggers Helping Bloggers...Or Not

I'm deep in the process of writing an article I am very passionate about. I've consumed more junk food today than a person should consume. I am adjusting to a new optical arrangement (i.e. contacts and reading glasses, but the reading glasses aren't here yet, which really means I can't see anything and have resorted to sitting in my dark kitchen with the ugliest pair of reading glasses on the planet!) So...

I had originally thought I would mention Bubblehead's crusade against Clayton Cramer, who by the way is someone I have NEVER heard of. I didn't know somebody held a monopoly in "Idaho-bound" blog readers and I guess if I had checked my Fastmail® account a little more often I would have known that Bubblehead had enlisted my support in this SPUD-LIB crusade.

Honestly, can you hold 43rd State Blues accountable for Binkyboy? Get over it. And when someone supports your cause you should at least show them courtesy and respect. Stating that Julie over at Red State Rebels "speaks truth to power with the best of them, but seems to be rather idealistic, treating blogging as a way to share her interests with the community, rather than as a means of gaining promotions within the TTLB ecosystem," just isn't my idea of saying thanks.

You want a little help from Idaho bloggers? What have you done for us lately?

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Bubblehead said...

Well, I linked to several Idaho blogs, as well as publicizing the vital issue of "blanket-molesting cats" currently plaguing some Idaho households. I'm also hoping to publicize the potentially humorous concept of "inherent absurdity" with respect to tongue-in-cheek, not-meant-to-be-taken-for-anything-other-than-the-humor-value blog posts.