Saturday, January 14, 2006

Denton "Defeating Education" Darrington

Rarely do I get on my soapbox about the poor legislative representation out of Cassia County, but this morning when I found Denton Darrington's picture gracing the front page of The Idaho State Journal I knew I was in for a long day!

In the 20 Questions weekend section of today's newspaper, Dan Boyd, political reporter for the Journal, interviewed Senator Darrington. This is one of those things that merits anyone and everyone hiding the newspaper from me.

Senator Darrington is the longest serving current member of the Idaho Legislature. The paper compared his length of service to that of Chick Bilyeu-- Chick Bilyeu, of like Team Bilyeu. Not in any circumstance does Denton's service compare to that of Chick Bilyeu. Not in any circumstance would I even consider them on the same political playing field.

And that comparison wasn't the only thing that jumped out at me...

ISJ: What was the best day of your life?
Darrington: April 30, 1940. The day I was born.

Conceited? Ya think? Most people in the 20 Questions section cite the dates of their children's entrance into the world or the date in which they were married. This question truly represents Senator Darrington. He is all about himself.

ISJ: If you could return to any age, what age would you be and why?
Darrington: Sixteen. It was in the 1950s, Eisenhower was president, Elvis became king. '56 Fords and Chevys were everywhere, peace was on the land and life was good.

The 1950s? The two elections I would have liked most to vote in were the 1956 and 1960 elections. Adlai and Jack. But you can bet, had Darrington been old enough to vote, he would have been voting against me. Only Denton Darrington could say "peace was on the land." Korea was just over, Vietnam was heating up. 1956 wasn't exactly a walk in the park as far as the history of peace in this country or any other.

My final irritation and the one that tops the list--
"Interestingly, Darrington's graduating class, the 22-member 1958 class of Declo High School, turned out two of the Legislature's most high-profile members. Speaker of the House Bruce Newcomb also graduated from DHS."

For a moment I was ashamed to share alumni status with these two men. I am of the 2003 graduating class of Declo High School. Let me just say, Senator Darrington and Speaker Newcomb have done a poor job of representing my graduating class (their constituency) in the legislature. I firmly believe no member of the Idaho Legislature has been more detrimental to the status, affordability, and availability of public education than Darrington, a former history teacher at Declo Junior High School. Newcomb? Now there's a whole other can of worms.

Senator Darrington has served in the Idaho State Senate longer than I have been alive and in my lifetime has never once voted on an issue that has made receiving a first-class education any easier or affordable for me.

My advice to the editor of the Journal: Next time in the 20 Questions section you choose to interview a member of the Idaho Legislature, try picking someone who is a little more mainstream--someone who actually represents the people that read your paper.


Sara E Anderson said...

Newcomb has been going after Wal-Mart lately, which has been a nice surprise.

Jessica said...

Bravo. I am so freaking tired of this state and their brain dead politicians.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Newcomb going after Wal-Mart is very odd, don't you think??

Having spent quality time in Cassia County, I can honestly say I've met a few brain dead politicians.

It's a rude awakening when you move to Cassia from Bannock and a wonderful day when you move back to Bannock!

Marianne said...

First of all, were you meaning that Sen. Darrington is CONCEITED? Conceded is giving in. Senator Darrington is a bulldog when it comes to his area and constituents. He just doesn't like to make waves.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks for catching the typo and yes, that's exactly what I meant--conceited.