Sunday, January 15, 2006

Internal Displacement (TWW)

There are times that I find it frightening that the chief-of-staff can have so much authority, so much power say in national and international affairs. I speak only of moments when I hear and read about men like H.R. Haldeman, Alexander Haig, Cheney, Rumsfield, and Donald Regan. But then when I see CJ Cregg on screen doing the everyday business of President Bartlet on The West Wing, I think maybe a confident and efficient chief-of-staff is a great idea.

I could comment on the finer points of the show, though I was particularly amused by the bickering between Josh and CJ and especially by the dynamic of the sleazy (believe me I thought he was a sleaze before tonight) son-in-law of President Bartlet. So what's better than a few quotes? In tonight's episode there were quoteworthy moments:

Josh: I'll have to get back to you on that.
CJ: Go to hell.

"Your American dream is financial not ethical."
(Chinese ambassador to CJ)

"If you have a problem with your zipper..."
(CJ to Doug Weston about his alleged infidelity)
"The bastard should just be dead."
(NSA Harper to CJ Cregg on Doug Weston)

"Did you take an awkward pill?"
(CJ to Will Bailey)

You know the writing on TWW at times seems odd and certainly much different than the earlier seasons, but once in awhile the humor and talent of the current writer stands out and I am so impressed.

I have thought often about an idea Danny presented, something Danny (yes, Danny is back) said to CJ at dinner, before the nuclear disaster, but never would have been able to word it quite the way the writers did-- If I'm gonna jump off the cliff and you're gonna get pushed off then why don't we hold hands on the way down-- something like that anyway...I didn't take notes on tonight's show.

This episode seemed a bit disjointed only because I think all of us that regularly watch The West Wing are waiting to see what will happen with the story line regarding the death of John Spencer and some of us fear that the election of Santos (come on, isn't it obvious that he'll be the winner?) will end up being the season as well as the series finale. It seems tonight's episode was intended to draw in an audience, not keep the storyline moving along.

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