Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Republicans Take Note

Ladies and gentlemen Larry Grant is promising to clean house in Washington D.C. It's about time one of our several congressional candidates put out a plan. With corruption in D.C. at an unbelievable high and with no end in sight, it is refreshing to hear a plan of action and a promise to the people of Idaho.

Larry Grant, for those of you who may not know, is the democratic congressional candidate out of the first district. To read more of his gutsy plan please visit Grassroots for Grant.

Also, I'd like to personally challenge the numerous candidates across this state in both congressional districts to take a stand. Let your voice be heard and don't be afraid to paint the realistic picture of corruption that is our current delegation. Cooper, Hansen, Lewis, and the myriad of individuals in the Republican campaign for the 1st district better step up and follow Grant's lead on this. Following the philosophy of waiting for the bottom to fall out before taking a stand is no longer acceptable.

It's time to clean house in Washington and eliminate what Senator Harry Reid refers to as the "culture of corruption."

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