Monday, January 16, 2006

A Side Note...

I'm a sucker for awards shows. Always have been. So it is no surprise that I'm sitting here with my wonderful little friends watching the Golden Globes and simply enjoying the night.

Mary Louise-Parker just won for best actress in a series (comedy or musical) for Weeds. Now that means very little to me since I've never watched the show and she was up against the powerhouse Desperate Housewives (all of them...well okay not Nicolette Sheridan) which I admit to watching every few weeks.

After saying she'd like to makeout with the entire cast-- most specifically Elizabeth Perkins-- she mentioned the man who deserved most to be mentioned, the late John Spencer. For those of you who may not remember Louise-Parker once played Amy on The West Wing. With first hand experience working with John Spencer her last words on stage this evening were paying her respects to "a man that made it look too easy."

Anyway, gotta get back to workin' and watchin' the Globes.

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