Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Thursday Night Rant

I really enjoy the way Serephin does the blog rundown over on 43rd State Blues. It seems tonight that I almost need to have my own rundown of all my political thinkings.

I've been watching the Alito debate on the floor of the United States Senate and as I type this am listening to Senator Byrd (D-WV) on C-SPAN from earlier today. That man loves his country. That man understands what it means to represent your constituency. It does matter to him that the party is trying to defeat Alito, it does not matter was Democratic leadership thinks of him, it does matter that he votes his conscience. Something that he said today thrilled me and scared me all at once. He said: "I am a senator who takes this Constitution seriously and I refuse to tow the party line..." I fear Alito's confirmation, yet more than I fear Alito, I fear a group of politicians in Washington who are unwilling to have their own thought, take their own stand, have their own voice. Every politician right now who is afraid of shouting from every roof top the injustice and corruption in D.C. right now needs to learn a little something from Robert Byrd.

I have to agree with Senator Byrd in one respect-- there is no telling what judicial temperament will do once placed on the high court. I simply can't believe that Byrd is voting yes, but with him, unlike the numerous Republicans voting yes, I know why and he gave a reasonable response.

The thought of Sen. Byrd carrying around a copy of the United States Constitution in his jacket pocket gives me hope for a restored faith in our public servants.

Public servant C.L. Butch Otter was in Declo, Idaho today. In a visit set up by the Republican County Chairman Wayne Hurst, Otter visited students at Declo High School. He answered questions, dodged a few, and maybe gained a couple votes. It isn't hard for men like Otter to visit Cassia County where he's going to win by a substantial margin. Cowardice is what is is. Visiting safe counties is what men like Otter do best. Congressman Otter, I will never even consider voting for you until you take the time to step foot in a unsafe county to sit down with my classmates and answer some questions.

Mr. Otter you are welcome at Idaho State University to sit down with me anytime.

Back to the Alito vote for a moment... I had this surreal feeling when Scooter Libby was indicted because Joe Wilson had been at ISU just prior to that indictment. As I've been watching the Alito debate, everytime I see Senator Harry Reid I can't believe that just a few weeks ago I shook that man's hand. I interact with fairly important people on a regular basis, yet I've never felt so connected to something as big as the Democratic National Party until now. It's sad really because I have shaken the hand of every member of our Idaho delegation and never when I see any of them on C-SPAN do I feel represented or part of something so huge. Craig, Crapo, Simpson, and Otter DO NOT speak for me.

It seems I've wrapped up my political thinkings for the night. Tomorrow is another day. Another day of debate. Another day of politics. And another day of being fed up with one-party politics in the state of Idaho.


Nick Speth said...

You should have heard what Dennis Miller said about Byrd in his new HBO comedy special Dennis Miller: All In (clever because it's filmed in Vegas, or... or not). I can't find the exact quote from "All In" but here's something similar he said earlier:

"What else? You know, Senator Robert Byrd's recent speeches have been so demented, I'm afraid he's suffering exhaustion from burning the cross at both ends. Let's face it, if Byrd were your grandfather and he went off on these addled tangents at Thanksgiving dinner, you'd all smile at him, and then as soon as he left the room, somebody would say, 'Hey, what are we going to do about Grandpa?'"

I don't know anything about this Butch character, but I do have to say this... the thought of confronting an angry Tara Rowe would be enough to keep me off of the ISU campus. ;) Seriously though, write his office and call him on it. You'll get a crappy form letter in return which you can jokingly transcribe on your blog.

Tara A. Rowe said...

As Byrd was talking last night I was wondering how long we have until he has a stroke and we have to pretend to have loved and respected him through the mourning period.

But you have to admit nobody in D.C. understands the Senate as an institution the way Senator Byrd does and nobody else knows the Constitution inside out like he does.

I think I will write Butch Otter a letter. I want him to know that not every county in this state worships the ground he walks on and I would like to sit down and ask him my questions.

Nick, confronting me when I am angry is a battle many don't choose to wage, but just in case you were wondering there are probably other things on the ISU campus that Otter is afraid of being seen with. We do afterall have alcohol...

Wouldn't want to add a fifth DUI to his rap sheet.

Nick Speth said...

lol! Seriously is ISU really not a dry campus?