Wednesday, February 15, 2006

And The New President of ISU is...

This morning at 11am in the Stephens Performing Arts Center, it was announced by the Idaho State Board of Education that Dr Arthur Vailas will be the new president of Idaho State University. The Associated Students of Idaho State University had endorsed a different candidate, so I imagine the students will be looking carefully at the early actions of Dr. Vailas.

I was in attendance today when this announcement was made. Sitting next to Mr. Matt Hobson, the current ASISU President, when the announcement was made, it was for a moment disappointing as I personally had really been impressed by Dr. Lois Muir. I know that Dr. Vailas will be a remarkable president and we except great things from him.

As I side note, we the faculty, staff, and students of Idaho State had the opportunity to also applaud the work of Interim President Mike Gallagher. As a student at Idaho State University and someone well aware of the communication issues here on this campus, let me say what a refreshing voice Dr. Gallagher has brought here. We appreciate wholeheartedly his efforts and his listening ear.

Congratulations, Dr. Vailas.

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